Scientific and Research Center at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality - Ohrid

Today, when  we talk about the higher education, the scientific and research work becomes fundamental component and high priority  in the educational process. The role of science is important on national and international level. Modern processes  within the science sphere and education are being led by the challenge of the global integration  and cooperation as basis  for success.

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality (FTH) – Ohrid is a thoroughly dedicated to engage itself into more intensive international cooperation with other higher educational institutions  on a number of international programs  and other initiatives.

FTH encourages,  informs and supports  the academic community of the University “St. Kliment Ohridski’ – Biotla (UCLO) in the efforts for building compatibility with the European model  of university, especially following Bologna principles and goals:


Educating professional staff within international context. For that purpose, FTH aims to approach by upgrading  and answering  the European and global  assignments.

1. International cooperation  and partnership and benefitting from the highest achievements in the higher education.

2. Training  the best  professional and  scientific faculty staff.

3. Faculty staff exchange  of  experience  and enhancing teaching curricula.

4. Theory implementing in practice.

5. Joined participation  in projects  and organizing  international congresses and symposia.

                 Within the Scientific and Research Center (SRC)  faculty activities are being connected and incorporated  that are oriented towards  scientific research, qualification and consultations in the field of tourism, hotel management, customs and freight-forwarding , insurance, safety and financial control and gastronomy, food, and dietetics. An accent is put on the independence in the research and approaching   practical implementations. As a result,  the niche component  of the novel strategic orientation of SRC is  the clear dedication to achieve higher degree  of openness, communication and connecting  with domestic and foreign universities and realization  of cooperation  with an increased dynamics in the future.

Today, in the   SRC activities, the FTH staff is being involved, those who have an ambition  for scientific research, the teaching staff, the assistants and senior students, especially postgraduates and doctorate candidates.

In the future, the SRC   aims towards  establishing greater cooperation  and to animate as much as possible higher number of students  and to get them  involved in the programs of international projects BASILEUS, as well as other projects  that are part of the European programs for education  and research, such as TEMPUS, FP6, FP7, INTERREG, CEEPUS, DAAD, etc.

 In regards to establishing an institutional forms for development  of the scientific and research work at university level,  the SRC prepares programs for development  and realization  of the scientific and research work. In this direction the SRC  in Ohrid has an optimistic vision  and soon  it sees  the FTH within the University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola  as a developed  international university  center for education, science and research  through intensive implementation of the following assignments:

1. Establishing and development  of a system for increasing the number of submitted and realized scientific and research projects

2. Organizing congresses, conferences, seminars and professional meetings.

3. Establishing system  for information and dissemination of the results  of the scientific and research work

4.Establishment and development  of  a system  for incorporating the students  in the scientific and research work.

The total review of the achieved results  that are accomplished by the SRC  with its team as an outstanding and ambitious staff, that especially is active in the field of publishing, participation on international congresses, symposia, conferences, project cooperation, mobility, interpersonal cooperation and respect, shows that the FTH  stands on good foundations, working outstandingly well with  a vision for  faster and more complete development.



Director of SRC

Prof. D-r Jagotka Strezovska

Secretary of SRC

Aleksandar Trajkov, MA




- Конкурс за запишување студенти на втор циклус универзитетски студии (постдипломски) во акдемската 2010/2011 година